THANK YOU! This was fantastic! I've been vegetarian for about 15 years now, and am slowly becoming vegan(thanks lactose intolerance for pushing me in the right direction!), and gah I hate the concern trolling bullshit. I only ever mention it when I need to explain why I'm not eating someone's food, I feel less rudeā€¦ » 4/08/14 12:08am 4/08/14 12:08am

That sounds like my grandma, who once remarked that she would "Pencil in" a wedding date. She was right, the marriage lasted less than a year. She was full of handy advice like that. Miss that old bird, and I aspire to be like her. That I'm coming close and haven't gotten to my thirties yet is neither here nor there. » 4/03/14 7:51pm 4/03/14 7:51pm

I'm guessing it was a transcription thing, but I'm from NY and I have said mum my whole life, because my mum said mum, and my grandma and all my aunts(which doesn't rhyme with ants) said mum. There are weird little pockets of it in the US, so we're not all phonies. » 4/03/14 7:18pm 4/03/14 7:18pm