THIS SHOW!!!!!! I hate it so much do much of the time, but then it makes me fucking care and want everything to work out and I sob every time , every fucking time I watch the sequence about Gabby Giffords to the dumb Coldplay song. EVERY FUCKING TIME. » 10/03/14 5:46pm 10/03/14 5:46pm

It makes me happy that Sandra Bullock gave a commencement speech at a public high school. That just seems like a really nice, cool, down to earth thing to do. Continue being a classy dame Sandy! » 5/19/14 9:17pm 5/19/14 9:17pm

I actually do kind of think North is an ugly baby. I never got the constant squeeing from the internet over that kid, for I was unimpressed with the cute level. merh. » 5/17/14 11:00am 5/17/14 11:00am

I was about to say, Florence is such a nice city, why do we have to inflict this mess on them? Sorry Florence, I still love you for your weird corners and top of the world class museums. You got some creepy dudes, but don't deserve this. » 5/16/14 12:18am 5/16/14 12:18am

I mean, I'd agree if he was saying this about a person who either seems to have matured or seems to be a genuinely ok or decent person. Like if said similar stuff about Selina Gomez or something that would seem weird and over hte top, but I have literally never heard a nice thing said about this kid's behavior. So I'm… » 5/08/14 10:51pm 5/08/14 10:51pm

Not really related, but I love the phrase "Hot mess" so much. It's like, yeah you look like a crazy drug addict on a bad day, but in a relatively attractive almost hot way. Like a drunk socialite. It's not that you are an unattractive mess, which is what looking like shit or seeming tired always imply, but it's more… » 5/01/14 8:31pm 5/01/14 8:31pm

Speaking of Carol Burnett, check out the most absurd moment of her and Maggie Smith singing a song about Brits verses Americans. You are all most thoroughly welcome. Carol and Maggie singing » 4/26/14 11:47pm 4/26/14 11:47pm

A party in the park, with all my real friends and family, with music, food, booze, dancing, and fun, but also with hiding holes and empty spaces where anyone could go to hide and rest. Keep it up for infinity, with occasional bad weather days to sit in windows and walk in the rain. I mean, if we're talking about… » 4/26/14 12:38am 4/26/14 12:38am

If I remember correctly she's from outside Providence RI, and having worked with the homeless and impoverished in that area, I can tell you it's still a problem. I volunteered with a group that brought out thousands of thanksgiving day dinners to people who weren't able to afford it, and that was just in the city.… » 4/25/14 9:44pm 4/25/14 9:44pm